Cat's Kids Yoga

Learn. Grow. Breathe. 


Preparing for the brightest future, Cat's Kids Yoga will teach your child healthy and mindful skills to take with them throughout their life. Children will discover their mind and body connection to learn how to deal with the ups and downs in life. Developing these skills at a young age helps children become more balanced, centered, and aligned with their true self.


Cat's Kids Yoga creates a playful, fun, loving, accepting, and safe environment where kids can be kids! Classes can be done at your child's school during the day or after school, scheduled workshops, private sessions, or birthday parties. Classes incorporate breathing exercises, animal yoga poses, fun games, exploring music, stories with life lessons, mindful art/science, calming techniques, and much more!  

Class themes include self care, kindness, patience, change, connection, gratitude, togetherness, love, hard work, dedication, compassion, empathy, and community. 


Cat’s Kids Yoga provides everything! Just show up, breathe, and do your best!


- Learn calming techniques

- Ability to breath in stressful situations

- Develop connection with health and well being

- Increase self esteem and build confidence

- Enhance strength, coordination, and body awareness

- Improve focus and concentration

- Compassion for self and others

- Gain and build a sense of community

- Understand individuality and togetherness 

-And much more!


Thank you for the weekly updates. I am so thankful that my daughter Daphne (Gardner in Mtka) has the opportunity to take your class. Each Thursday night she asks to lead me in a yoga practice -- it is adorable (and helpful for me to take the time to breathe and relax!). You are making a difference in helping us to raise a thoughtful, kind, inclusive and healthy daughter. Thank you for your role in that!

Maija H, parent 

I want you to know that yoga has been the highlight of Kate’s week since she started practicing last Fall. I think your creativity and background messaging of each week is genius!

Sarah J, parent 

Nolan was visiting this weekend.  He paused from what he was doing and I asked him what was wrong.  He said he was breathing.  Made me smile. 

Linda J, grandma